What ROAD2H means for EHR vendors and healthcare providers

ROAD2H will not replace existing EHR systems in China healthcare settings. Indeed, ROAD2H depends on there being EHR architectures and routine collection of patient data. ROAD2H will operate as a cloud-based plug-in that integrates EHR and health insurance claims data, with a “data connector” linking these patient data to a central knowledge base of “clinical concepts” which will then be linked to explainable argumentation and optimization algorithms.

A similar system (Transform) has already been developed and is being researched by Imperial College London for the purposes of improving clinical diagnosis in primary care. ROAD2H will extend that work by building in smart and explainable clinical decision support targeted at treatments for COPD and CKD in a hospital setting.

The outputs of ROAD2H will be made open source, thus providing an opportunity for China ICT vendors to utilize the project outputs and enhance their offering to their broader clients.