Kristijonas Čyras, Amin Karamlou and team at The Great Exhibition Road Festival

The Great Exhibition Road Festival stand Why was my doctor's appointment rescheduled?

Team: Kristijonas Čyras, Amin Karamlou, Francesca Toni, Ruth Misener, Dimitrios Letsios, Myles Lee (Department of Computing, Imperial College London)

Learn more about the underlying research of the proof-of-concept tool AI-assisted Schedule Explainer.

We presented a machine intelligence system which helps to schedule nursing personnel in healthcare clinics. While scheduling systems are good at optimising resources, they are hardly understandable to their users, due to the mathematical complexities of optimisation. Our artificial intelligence (AI)-equipped system explains such scheduling complexities to the user and enables interactive human-machine collaboration. 




Watch an animated explainer video below.