ROAD2H Team visit Wuxi People’s Hospital, Wuxi, China

Prof Brendan Delaney, Mr Francis Ruiz and Dr Ella Mi visited Wuxi People's Hospital to conduct a scoping visit and deliver a training workshop titled "Insights about the comprehensive evaluation of anti-cancer drugs, based on the real world data in China". 

The team was able to meet with representatives from the hospital and regional IT systems, the IT vendor, admin, pharmacy and clinical specialists at the hospital. As a result, ROAD2H in collaboration with CNHDRC and Wuxi People's Hospital will carry out a pilot project to investigate the use of AI supported Decision Support System (DSS) in prescribing anti-cancer drugs at Wuxi. It's anticipated that the results from the  project can be extended to other sites across China in support of the CNHDRC high cost cancer drugs evaluation project.

China visit Aug2019.JPG

China visit Aug2019_2.JPG