China National Health Development and Research Center

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China National Health Development and Research Center

China National Health Development Research Center (NHDRC), previously known as China Health Economics Institute (CHEI), is a national research institution, established in 1991 under the leadership of National Health and Family Planning Commission of China (NHFPC). It works as a national think-tank providing technical consultancy to health policy-makers. To further strengthen health policy research and better accommodate the needs of health development and reform. CHEI formally changed its name to the China National Health Development Research Center on March 12, 2010 after being approved by the Chinese Staffing Committee. After decades of development, NHDRC has become an institution of scale with 81 registered researchers, 20 contract-based or temporarily-deployed research fellows and 8 internationally-famous scholars as chief experts or invited research fellows. Among the employees, there are 24 with PHD titles, 50 with master degrees, 36 with advanced professional titles and 32 with secondary professional titles.

Division of Health Technology Assessment

Health Policy Evaluation and Technology Assessment

Research Field: conduct impact evaluation research on health and family planning policies, public health programs and provide policy-makers with solidevidence on policy outcome;Conduct assessment on the appropriateness of health technologies and advanced medical devicesto serve decision-making over choice of appropriate technologies.

  1. Healthcare reform policies evaluation
  2. Health and family planning development plan assessment
  3. Earmarked health intervention project evaluation
  4. The appropriateness of health technologies assessment
  5. Optimization on clinical technique