University of Belgrade



The University of Belgrade (UB) is the oldest and the largest university in Serbia. Today, the University of Belgrade within has 31 faculties (organised into four groups: social sciences and humanities, medical sciences, sciences and mathematics and technology and engineering sciences), 11 science institutes, the University Library and eight centres. It is the largest learning community in the Western Balkan region, with 310 study programs, 102,000 students and 7,600 academic and research staff.

The UB is the leading institution for medical education in Serbia and a significant player in regional terms. About 40% of Serbian medical students are taught at the UB, two-thirds of clinical specialists and subspecialists diplomas are from the UB, and over 60% of biomedical research funded by Ministry of Science is carried out at the UB. Numerous investigations in the fields of basic, clinical, applied and epidemiological medicine are constantly carried out. Many laboratories at the UB are specialized in experimental research in various disciplines.

Computer Center

The Computer Centre of the University of Belgrade (CCUB / RCUB) was founded back in 1991 to offer computer services to the academic community. Today, the CCUB specializes in the areas of information and communication technologies. Besides providing the Internet connection and other infrastructural work to 120 connected institutions, it also develops and provides the upper layers of e-infrastructure and related services for education and research institutions and individual academic users. Among other activities, CCUB covers open science, digital repositories and software development. The CCUB cultivates the research work and has been taking part in numerous FP, H2020, Tempus and Erasmus+ projects.