Xue Li

Xue Li is currently working as a Research Assistant at China National Health Development Research Center (CNHDRC) for three years. She holds a BA in Information Management and Information System and a Master of Public Health from the China Medical University. Her interests are health policy evaluation and health technology assessment (HTA). She has been involved in plenty major researches such as Rapid HTA of Proton and Heavy Ion Therapies, Evaluation on Zhejiang Pricing Reform and other researches commissioned by National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC, formerly MoH).  She has published over eight articles and been involved in Annual Report on National Health Service and Quality Safety.  

Wudong Guo

Wudong Guo received a master degree in Economics from the University of Birmingham, UK, and has being admitted as a PhD student in Public Health at University of Waterloo, Canada from fall of 2014. Mr. Guo has served as a research associate over 8 years in China National Health Development Research Center, and his major research interests are health technology assessment (HTA) and health policy evaluation. Mr. Guo has involved plenty of evaluation projects engaged with domestic and international partners, and published 14 academic papers in national core journals. Additionally, he also co-authored 3 books in term of HTA and policy evaluation.

Dr Kristijonas Cyras
Dr Kristijonas Cyras has completed ​a ​BSc​ Mathematics degree (Honours) at Warwick University, ​and an MSc Mathematics Research degree (Distinction) with emphasis on mathematical logic at Leeds University. Kristijonas has recently completed a PhD Research in Computing degree with emphasis on Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly argumentation, at Imperial College London. Kristijonas has been a Research Assistant/Associate at Imperial College London since May 2017, working on applications of argumentation to legislative and medical domains, and on explainable AI.

Denys Prociuk

Denys Prociuk is working as the technical analyst for the project, with the main focus on the development of overarching disease models for optimisation. He completed a BSc Immunology and Pharmacology (Honours) degree at University of Aberdeen, and an MSc Epidemiology degree (Merit) with a focus on infectious disease modelling. Denys has previously worked on ECT at the Department of Mental Health Clinical Research Centre of the University of Aberdeen, as well as on modelling Chagas Disease at the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Amin Karamlou
Research Assistant

Amin has recently completed his undegraduate MEng degree in Computing at Imperial College London, he now works as a research assistant at Imperial College, as part of the Road2H project. Amin is interested in theoretical computer science and the applications of logic, including argumentation, within computer science, particularly in artificial intelligence