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Argumentation-based clinical decision support systems in ROAD2H at the MedRACER workshop
Keynote talk
29 October 2018
At KR'18 MedRACER workshop Prof Toni described the recent efforts to develop a decision support system which is able to reconcile guidelines with conflicting recommendations while taking into account national and regional specificities and data.
Francesca Toni
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Reasoning with Ambiguous and Conflicting Evidence and Recommendations in Medicine (MedRACER 2018)
Organised workshop
29 October 2018 brought researchers at the premier AI conference KR interested in healthcare applications to share their perspectives and establish new collaborations.
Kristijonas Cyras
Tiago Oliveira
Matt Williams
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Fact finding visit to China ROAD2H July 19-27th 2017
25 October 2017
In July 2017, Dr Francis Ruiz, Professor Brendan Delaney, Prof Kun Zhao, Dr Wudong Guo and Xue Li visited the two western China project sites Ninguaing County Hospital and Wushan People’s Hospital
Brendan Delaney
Francis Ruiz
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Xiamen workshop and site visit
04 May 2018
Report from engagement workshop held in Xiamen, China, Jan 2018 with clinicians, hospital IT staff, and electronic health record vendors from the three Chinese pilot sites.
Ryan Li
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ROAD2H explainer document
02 November 2017
ROAD2H is a collaborative research project led by Imperial College London with China National Health Development Research Center as the key partner in China. The other collaborators are King’s College London and University of Belgrade
Ryan Li
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